Women In Business can be successful

The world is full of strong, ambitious, committed, and dedicated women in Business. Some want to conquer it while others just want a better future for their loved ones and rightly so.

In the business world women have become successful bosses; running their own companies or leading major ones.  For example  if you look at the early centuries, women have made their way to the top changing the world with their leadership qualities. Look at Katharine Graham; she became the first female CEO of the Washington Post in 1972, a 500 fortune company. Her legacy is an inspiration to women in the corporate world.

It is not easy for women in business in a leadership role, being undermined often comes with the territory, and the pressure can be pretty extreme. However many women, don’t give up easily and with determination they come out that much stronger – we only have to watch Dragons Den to see thats true!.

In many developing countries, there’s an increase in women owning micro, small or medium enterprises. Unfortunately in many cases, these businesses do not mature due to challenges which they feel they can not overcome – which can have an effect the country’s economy.

Understanding and addressing specific barriers like Confidence and assertiveness communication, soft skills, people skills and sales skills can provide a solution that can set the economic power of women on the right path of success. In some countries, the government support the development of women by providing the necessary resources – personally I think this should be expanded as they have a lot to offer. In developed countries, women are gaining power in the corporate world which is a huge inspiration to many.

For example look at Hillary Clinton who may not have won the USA Presidency, but she fought among bulls and did not bow out till the end. Her gender did not discourage her; instead, she became a role model for Women. Her Confidence stood her in good stead!

Running a successful business is not a walk in the park. In fact, it can threaten one’s sanity at times, believe me I’ve been there a few times! Problems unfortunately don’t come with a solution. It just takes time with numerous turns to get you to the top. However with help from TBC Training & Coaching we can make the journey to success less painful providing valuable informative Training courses and Coaching. Check out our next Women in Business Training course an book on today.

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