7 of my secrets to being a successful Woman in Business

Having been a woman in Business for over 3 decades I have seen, heard and experienced many changes over the years. Fortunutly unlike some women in business, I have never really found there to be any problem in dealing with male colleagues, quite the opposite actually, they have in the main been most respectful, although I do remember a couple of sexual harassments from a couple of dickheads (am I allowed to say that!) many years ago which was uncomfortable to say the least but dealt with it head on.  Being a woman in Business is not always easy but it’s what you make it that counts.  I have the deepest respect for any woman in business as it can be a tough journey but my goodness what a fantastic trip it can be.

When I first started out as a woman in business it was as a self-employed commercial photographic model which seems another  lifetime ago, whizzing here there and everywhere, life was shall we say, challenging at times! I was married with two small children and trying to juggle travelling to London and abroad for work around school runs and after school activities, I am sure you know how much fun this is!!   Thank God for parents!  I wish I had had the skills back then that I have now knowing how to juggle work and home life and stay sane!

On retiring from my modelling career I took on a franchise and ended up becoming the Franchisor – owning 14 other franchisees, talk about going grey overnight! Anyway – many years later and many business ventures later here’s 7 secrets of my success I want to share with you.

  • Be positive
  • Learn when to say no but be flexible, understanding, helpful and…polite!  Yes, its all possible.
  • Most importantly believe in yourself and “go for it.”
  • Be happy in your own skin
  • Smile and laugh – if you relax so will your clients!
  • Listen – something more people should learn to do.
  • Be ready to lend a helping hand and expect nothing in return.

I have dealt with big global companies like BP and ICI over the years down to the individual person so I have picked up some good negotiation and people skills along the way.  No one taught me by the way – I had to learn as I went along back then in the day as they say – which sometimes was pretty painful! Still there’s always something to learn form every experience.  Mind you I have studied a lot since those days and learnt a lot about using NLP, Hypnotherapy and Coaching in business which has really helped me both in business and my personal life.

So where am I going with this? Well, I have always been a person who takes great reward from nurturing others and wanting to pass on my knowledge so here I am offering you a place on my courses at TBC Training in Crediton to come and sit by my side so I can sit on your shoulder and help you with your business issues no matter how small you think they are or how big – there’s always a way. Maybe you just need some confidence in certain areas or build up your self-esteem or maybe need some communication/people skills to help you negotiate and sell. Anxiety and stress are things to keep on top of as they can be real killers – as I well know! My courses are friendly, relaxed and fun with no more than 8 people so you are assured of my undivided attention. Please do contact me for further information – I am always happy to have a chat – and a coffee if there’s one going! 01363 775935

Our latest course on Women in Business is in June 2018 – here’s a link to book on and a brochure for you to download.

Warmest wishes

Teresa. x