We all have those moments where we doubt our ability to do something – that’s part and parcel of human nature.

Especially at vulnerable moments where we might feel a bit off colour, you know when you might have a bug and you are at a low point, or if you let yourself get tired and a bit run down.

Sometimes it can just seem a bit too much and you want to stop and say to yourself

“I just don’t want to do this anymore” 

and your confidence takes a nose dive. Then you let all sorts of thoughts creep into your mind like how much things are costing and where you could get more work from to pay the bills. It can seem like a never ending carousel of trying to earn enough just to keep going.

Well at these times I remind myself of those wise words my chemistry teacher told me when I sat crying on my stool in class because I couldn’t understand what the heck was going on (I was supposed to be a grown up then as I was a mature student which made it very embarrassing!).

Anyway, here’s what she said.

“Teresa it’s not always the bright, clever ones that make it you know, it’s the ones that have stick ability and don’t give up that make it.”

I often hear those words and do you know what? She’s right! Just keep going, believe in what you are passionate about.

Of course there’s the other side to the coin (yes there’s always two sides!).

You have to know when to let go of something that is not working for you. It takes guts to let go and it’s what makes a successful person more successful.  There are reasons why some things don’t work or are just too much.  This reminds me of those days when I had a glass franchise which I will talk about at another time!

We all have those bumps in the road, which makes the highs so brilliant!

The thing is – just keep going and believe in yourself, you can do it!