Whilst coaching Peter my heart went out to him.

I would like to share this story with you about a teenager called Peter (not real name) I have been coaching recently who my heart went out to.

Peter was feeling stressed because his parents didn’t know what to do with him, he was feeling useless, sad and empty.  My heart went out to him as he or his parents really didn’t know what to do about the situation. Before I go on let me share a little with you about Peter.

After leaving 6th form at a school near Exeter last year Peter wanted to have some time to travel the world before he had to settle into sorting out his future – he was happily travelling around Vietnam when the COVI19 struck and he had to return to the UK. So, whats the plan now?  Can’t get a job because of lockdown so thinking cap on and thats where I came in to help him.

He didn’t want to apply to University when he was at school because he didn’t want to incur the student fees and anyway didn’t know what to apply for so didn’t even fill out a  UCAS form.  He has A level, Spanish, Economics and Politics but not really wanting to pursue anything related to these subjects. He thought it would be better to take up an apprenticeship so he could earn and learn, but again no idea what in? 

I asked him when we first started coaching “whats your passion, what sets you on fire inside and makes you feel excited?” He just couldn’t think of anything.  By the way – one thing I do tell teenagers and students when I start coaching them is that I have one rule and that is I don’t accept the words “I don’t know” (other wise they all come out with this as it’s an easy option to get out of putting their brain into gear!).  

Peter was given some homework between our weekly coaching sessions – to look at whats important to him, (values and beliefs) and the door opened slightly when we discussed them. It opened even more when I asked him to dream about what he could do if he could do anything he wanted using his values & believes.  Bingo – light bulb moment!!  “I would love to do architecture!” Peter said. “Ok” I replied, so lets look at ways you can do that.  My heart always fills with joy at moments like this as I feel their excitement. 

Cutting a long story short Peter went back to his school tutor, got a reference and applied to UCAS for a University placement. There are two that offer placements on an apprenticeship scheme so hopefully he will get into one of those.  Well the door is wide open now and even if he goes on to taking up something completely different he has at least seen a start to his journey. Peter is one happy person now on a mission, feeling excited about his future and needless to say his parents are mightily relieved! I shall be following Peter with interest to see how he goes on and he knows that I am only an email away should he need an ear or helping hand. 

It can be really difficult for school leavers trying to decide their future at such a young age and some folks still have no idea what they really want to do later in life.  They usually arrive on my doorstep in a mess,  stressed, under achieving, procrastinating and feeling depressed. If this is you or you know someone who could use my help please do get in touch at teresa@tbctraining.co.uk.  

About Teresa Bulford-Cooper

Former Harley Street practitioner Teresa has trained extensively in London and USA with Paul McKenna and the co founder of NLP, Doctor Richard Bandler. She is a licensed NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer Trainer, a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, having trained also with the London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy where she was awarded the certificate, Diploma and Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. She was a tutor with the London College of Hypnotherapy and a Mentor for the Society of Biology and BIP. She is very proud to be a STEM Ambassador and Youth Coach, helping teachers in schools and Colleges to get the younger generation to become confident capable leaders of the future. She has studied for 2 Coaching Diploma’s with The prestigous Coaching Academy London.

Teresa’s background is in Science and Biology. A graduate of Oxford Brookes University where she read and achieved a BSc (Hons) she went on to gain a MSc in Science with the Open University. She then studied at Exeter University for a PGCE as a Further Education Teacher and Lecturer.
Teresa has set up and run many successful business over 3 decades, her passion in life is to help people and pass on her knowledge for which she has a very high success rate – she would love to take the opportunity to work with you with any issues you may be struggling with in business.