Wellbeing in the Workplace

Wellbeing – Reducing Stress and Anxiety in the workplace in the workplace is a must  in Industry today – reducing stress and anxiety is now a statutory obligation that health and safety procedures are addressed within the workplace, taking account of and minimising unnecessary stress causing factors.  Studies have shown that Businesses are finding that employees are underperforming because of stress, anxiety and work pressures and these Businesses are suffering serious loss of revenue  due to employees being off sick

We all know that stress can cause poor work performance, personal and professional relationship difficulties and health problems and prolonged stress can even lead to death!

This day course will show you how to recognise and avoid potentially stressful situations and help you to minimise exposure to stressful situations at work and in your personal life.

Both managers and employees can minimise their stress and improve the working environment to improve the performance of their group. A win/win situation leading to a happy working environment and increased profits.

As a result of attending this course, you can feel empowered and able to deal with stressful situations in a number of ways by avoiding unnecessary stress or dealing with periods of high workload in a calmer manner. It will provide a very valued resource for delegates to improve interpersonal relationships and personal well-being.  You will learn coping and relaxation techniques which have been used by your trainer, Teresa Bulford-Cooper in her Harley Street Practice (as taught to her by Paul McKenna and the NLP guru himself Dr Richard Bandler) for many years.

All course materials provided.

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