The passion within

Let me ask you a question, are you happy, I mean really happy within yourself?

How do you know you are in the right job, married to the right person, pursuing the right hobbies, in fact living the life you want to?

Well, here’ the thing, if you’re not passionate about what you do you’re doing the wrong thing.  At the end of the day it boils down to doing what you love, what sets you on fire on the inside?  Gone are the days where your parents/teachers had your lives mapped out for you and you just went along doing what you had to do, 9 to 5, 5 days a week with two weeks holiday a year. Today you can travel the world working from a laptop and a mobile phone, yes; the world is your oyster. Oh yes O.K. for some do I hear you say with a slight tinge of negativity in your voice? Well let me tell you a story about someone I know.

 Betty went through school where she seem to be happy enough, loved sport and collected a prize for her English in 6th form. She went onto Uni to do a Science foundation year but she wasn’t happy. One day her worried mother asked, “What is it that’s making you so unhappy Betty?”  “You wont like the answer to that mum.” She replied. “Well tell me,” her mother said. Betty cried whilst she explained how she hated Uni and wanted to leave. She wanted to go to South America and learn Spanish. So, Betty’s Mum looked into this and found out that because Betty was in a foundation year at Uni it would not have too much of an effect if changed her plans. So, Betty packed her bags and flew off to stay with a host family in South America for a year where she studied Spanish at a Spanish school, after which she went off travelling around South and Central America before returning to England and completing her BSc and onto a MSc. Between studying she set up various enterprises and delegated the running of them whilst she later continued to travel.  She is still travelling to this day and loving life, setting up enterprises, working from her laptop and most importantly loving life. So you see you can do what you want if you dare to go for your dream. What your mind can perceive you can find ways to do it. It just takes guts and determination.  Betty does not believe in luck – it’s what you make of things she would say.

You see what Betty did here. She was living the life that was expected of her from school and the usual pattern of how people progress through life because of that so called natural expectation where you leave school and go into either work or onto college/uni. Well not all sizes fit one shoe. Her mother nurtured and trusted her giving her, giving Betty the freedom to let her open her world and follow her dreams, no expectations to fit into a mould.. 

What if you don’t know what it is that you want to do in life? So many youngsters are asked, “What do you want to do after you leave school. What do you want to be when you grow up?” Some people never know what it is that they want to do and spend their life feeling unaccomplished. Follow your heart and gut instincts – where there’s a will there’s a way. If you need help with finding your values and beliefs come and see me and I will help you.