Feedback from our Business Training Courses in Exeter Devon


Rob Stoyle. Owner, Helmores Estate Agents Crediton. Devon

I have worked with Teresa for a number of years – she is so approachable and such a pleasure to speak with, and never fails to open my eyes and mind with her inspirational coaching techniques.  She has helped me (on a business and personal level) and my team greatly with sessions including NLP, VAK, relaxation, hypnotherapy, stress & anxiety management to name a few.  Teresa is such a calm and considerate person who really makes a difference to me and my business, so if you are in need of a business coach/Trainer, do not hesitate to employ her!




Julie. Moorish Foods. Devon

A fantastically insightful course that I am looking forward to implementing it and “seeing the magic” work.




 Natalie. Met Office Exeter.

Teresa is great at engaging and bringing people together in an environment to learn. She is challenging and caring, encouraging people to be the best they can be. Her openness, honesty and interest in others make for a great supportive space for development. 


Heidi Warfield.  The HR Dept. Exeter

This is the first time I have been on one of TBC Training’s courses so was not sure what to expect. I found the first session a real eye-opener and came away feeling like I was about to start something really exciting and informative. This course has not let me down. Teresa is a really amazing teacher/Trainer, very open and honest. Explains everything in depth and portraits the feeling of calmness + geniality. Rapport was established very quickly within the group and maintained throughout the course. 10/10 for the teacher and 10/10 for the course. 

Jess Leach.   Helmores Estate agents. Crediton

Teresa came into my workplace to chair some group relaxation sessions for myself and colleagues. From the moment she introduced herself, we all felt at ease and were all certainly relaxed by the time she left! We all jumped at the chance to take part each time. As well as feeling relaxed during the sessions, Teresa provided us with the coping tools we needed for managing stress in the workplace, which I for one have found extremely useful, not only at work but in my private life too. She really knows her stuff and I can’t recommend her enough. If you are considering hiring someone for this – Teresa is definitely your lady!


Jodie. Michelmores Exeter

Great session, speaker lovely and calm, feeling shoo relaxed-thank you. 


Amy Murnam.  The Empowerment Network UK, Bristol.

This course has a very friendly, non – judgmental atmosphere, but challenges what you know about leadership and management. It gives you valuable tips and tricks on building rapport with anyone that you can apply at work, and builds confidence in doing so. It has been great for learning how to motivate and influence people, especially for a “beginner”. Teresa makes the entire process enjoyable too.





Natalie Wilkie.  The UK Met Office, Exeter.

I have found this course has added some insights, understanding and tools to my toolbox. I have used them during the course and will continue to use them within my work and personal life. The group dynamics were great and it was positive to work within such openness and sharing so we could also learn from each other. This dynamic was facilitated by Teresa. A good intro to NLP gives useful techniques that can be used personally and within the business.


Scott from Scott White Training Sheffield.

Teresa is extremely passionate about helping people achieve much more in their lives and making a positive difference. She has a unique ability to connect with children and young people, in particular, developing them through raising their self-esteem and confidence, preparing them for the future. She has fantastic communication skills, builds rapport and trust quickly, puts people at ease, achieves outstanding results! I have every confidence in recommending Teresa for all aspects of her extensive portfolio and have referred some of my clients to her. 


David from Wortham & Jaques Crediton Devon

Teresa is a consummate professional in the fields of NLP and hypnotherapy. Having received her own training from the very best in those fields, including Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna, she is herself a brilliant trainer and practitioner. Having had the privilege and pleasure of being taught by her and working with her I have no hesitation in recommending her.


Nausheen, Personal Performance Coach from London

Teresa helped me build my confidence, I needed to improve focus and stop procrastination, which I have achieved. Her listening skills and questioning style both are excellent.  She is calm and very understanding, she helped me with various issues. I feel a lot more in control now, I can feel the difference and I have made good progress after being coached by her.  I would be happy to recommend Teresa because she is a brilliant coach. Teresa has helped me in achieving my goal. She is so passionate about her work, having her as a coach was a great opportunity for me to learn, I wish more and more people should benefit from her professional expertise. She can bring out positivity & excellence in young people and make a great difference in their lives.


Lizzie. Actor from Exeter

Dearest, loveliest Teresa. I just wanted to e-mail to say thank you. Thank you because I am just feeling sooooooooooooooooo much better. I had an audition yesterday for a play in Bath which went so well.  During the audition, I felt totally at ease with myself and my monologue which I performed in front of 12 ladies and one gent, went so well.  I was delighted!!! I don’t know if I have got the job or not but I just felt so happy in that room.  It was super!  Furthermore today, I went for a job interview/audition for Benefit Makeup in Exeter and out of 25 lovely ladies I got down to the last 4 and passed the 1st and 2nd rounds.  I am now onto the 3rd round which is one on one interviews with the area manager so *fingers crossed*. But I was so pleased and wanted to share it with you!!! Thank you, Teresa. I think you’re a marvel and I am so blessed to have found you. xxx.


Katie Ascot. King’s School Ottery St Mary

“Teresa is a wonderfully positive individual who you cannot help but gravitate towards. Furthermore, Teresa’s sunny disposition and optimism is infectious and her kind and thoughtful manner is well received, especially by the students. I have always found Teresa professional and a pleasure to speak to and work with and hope our professional relationship continues for many years to come. My experience of talking to Teresa about her coaching has been very positive and I would not hesitate to recommend working with Teresa.


Katie. A business owner from Exeter

Teresa’s wonderfully calming and positive approach to her coaching enabled me to talk openly and find clarity with what I wanted to achieve from our sessions.  Through my sessions with Teresa I have gained the confidence to turn my dream of starting my own business into a reality.
I achieved more in my ten sessions with Teresa than I have in the last couple of years both in my end goal and in building my own self-esteem.It is truly amazing how effective Teresa’s coaching methods are at giving you a solid platform to succeed and I would highly recommend coaching sessions with Teresa to anyone struggling to know where or what to do with a situation they are facing.  Coaching with Teresa has completely turned my life around and I am so grateful to her for helping me get to where I am now and for the confidence I have gained in being able to deal with challenging situations and keep going.


Emma. Teacher from Crewe

I have received two coaching sessions from Teresa. The aim was to help me to make a decision regarding my career goals and further study. The decision was between two teaching courses, one in Devon and the other in Staffordshire. Throughout the coaching sessions, I was encouraged to think about my goals from several angles, for example how I would feel in the short term and the long term. The sessions have helped me to realise what is important to me and what I would like to get out of a teaching course. As a result of the first session, I created an action list and followed this by talking to the course leader about some aspects of the course that I had mentioned in the coaching session. I then realised where I would be happiest and most comfortable. The second session with Teresa enabled me to talk through my reasons to ensure that I was happy with my decision before committing to it. The sessions were extremely helpful as I was becoming very distressed with the situation. They have also enabled me to realise that I am able to achieve the goals I have set for myself.