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Tips on working from home with the kids.

Working from home and trying to look after the kids even if this is something you do anyway can be a challenge. Heres a few tips: Make a list tonight of what’s on the agenda for tomorrow, keep it flexible but be sure to prioritise those important tasks into a time slot that you know you will manage to stick to. Consider your current circumstance and be realistic, for example, if you need a q ...

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Staying Positive

It’s easy to let yourself get dragged down with all that’s going on at the moment so I want to spread a little positivity to you and keep your spirits up. Lots of you will now be working from home where it’s easy to let your mental health fall into sloppy and downward spirals. Here are 8 tips to keep yourself in a positive and proactive mode to look after your mental health: Get ...

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Stress In The Workplace – How To Face It Head On

Stress has become a not-so silent epidemic which is slowly draining businesses financially around the world.  According to one study in America, stress affects around thirty million workers a year costing their employers $15,000 per year, per affected employee!  In 2002 the European Survey of Working Conditions showed that the annual EU cost related to absenteeism due to work place stres ...

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Setting Goals – New Year resolutions

A New Years resolution is basically the same as setting goals to achieve.  I know I have set many over past years like many other people by February/March they have gone out of the window and flown away in the March winds!!  The most popular seem to be loosing weight, giving up the fags and drinking less – which I can certainly help you with. So why bother setting ourselves goals or NYR? Com ...

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Winner or Loser?

Do you view yourself as a winner or a loser? Well today (as I write this) is GCSE results day!  Fantastic for all those who have achieved the results they wanted.  Take a moment though to think about those who think they have failed or not got the results they expected.  It’s the same in anything in life where we hold expectations and don’t for some reason achieve them. Just because you don’t get ...

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Living the life you want?

How do you know you are in the right job, married to the right person pursuing the right hobbies, in fact living the life you want to? Well, heres the thing, If you’re not passionate about what you do you’re doing the wrong thing, At the end of the day it boils down to doing what you love, what sets you on fire on the inside.   Gone are the days where your parents had your li ...

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How to ask effectively

How many times have you wanted to ask someone for something but to afraid to ask incase you don’t ask effectively? Most people have an in built fear of hearing the word “NO.” My Father always told me “if you don’t ask you don’t get.” How true this is. You would be amazed at the reaction you will get by straight forward asking for exactly what you want. Ask exactly but in a ...

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We all have those moments where we doubt our ability to do something – that’s part and parcel of human nature. Especially at vulnerable moments where we might feel a bit off colour, you know when you might have a bug and you are at a low point, or if you let yourself get tired and a bit run down. Sometimes it can just seem a bit too much and you want to stop and say to yourself “I just don’t want ...

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Are you looking after you and your working environment?

Do you have one of those lovely spacious clean offices with a good ambient feeling and lots of natural light pouring through the windows, uplifting pictures on the wall? Or is it cluttered and dowdy with little or no natural light? I visited a client last year who asked me to sort out their employees as they were not getting along. Well, when I walked into their workplace part of the problem smack ...

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