6 Tips to help you stay on top of your game in Business

How to stay on top of your game Many people in Business, especially start up’s are under the impression that you need to work 24/7 thats not the case unless you want to drive yourself into the ground. So here’s a few tips to keep you fresh, sharp and on top of your game

1.Make sure you work when you are in mental work mode, for instance my peak time is early morning and early evening, I get more done then than in the 9am – 5pm fashion! Although having said that Inspiration pops up at unexpected times when I just go for it while its there.

2.You wont be at your best if you are slogging away tired and hungry. Make sure you are getting enough sleep/rest, you wont function on all cylinders if you are tired or hungry. You need to feed that brain and let it rest!

3.Eat sensibly, good quality fresh food, stay off the fast foods and to much booze, they are heart attacks waiting to happen. I am a great believer as most successful business people are in health body, healthy mind…. Healthy body doesn’t mean you have to slog it out in the gym (having said that I have a PT 3 times a week to try keeping me fit). If thats not your bag try finding an activity which you enjoy and provides you with that exercise to keep your mind sharp. If you enjoy it you are more likely to do it!

4,Trust your instinct, if it looks, feels and sounds good go for it!

5.Make sure you take time to spend with your loved ones, take note & engage in what they are doing. I have met so many business people with broken marriages and ex partners – didn’t see it coming because they had been so engrossed in what they were doing they didn’t take time for their relationships – these have to be worked at too – success is not all about material things and its no good trying to build something for your future if there’s no-one there to share it with!

6.Dress the way you want to (if of course its the type of business where you can!), you will feel more at ease and be in your own skin so to speak, thus look and importantly feel more confident. Believe me I know quite a few multi millionaires who knock around in – shall we say very relaxed clothes and look as if they don’t have two pennies to rub together! They have nothing to prove to anyone so they don’t care how they look or what people think or say about them! So there you go, as they say, be yourself (not sure who else you could be!) relaxed but sharp, dress comfortably, look after your health and you are giving yourself a good sound platform for a healthy you and a healthy business.

If you would like to know how I can help you achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle just drop me an email (teresa@tbctraining.co.uk)and I will be happy to help. Till the next time, be well.
Teresa. M.D. TBC Training & Coaching.