book cover for Ladies let's get going


Teresa is extremely proud to have worked with hundreds of women, helping them to build their confidence and feel empowered enough to take the big step of running their own business.

Bringing her knowledge of over three decades together, she has now put all of her helpful knowledge and top tips into one incredible book!  It’s perfectly sized to be your trusty companion.

Inside you’ll find practical, helpful ideas to start your own business and get going, right through to helping you grow your business.

CD’s – Perfect Present that will be useful for many years to come

Teresa has recorded a number of hypnotherapy CDs to help tackle many issues, the most popular are shown below. She has a beautifully soothing voice in that will lull you into a relaxed hypnotic trance where you can just lay back and let your unconscious mind listen and take on beneficial thoughts to help resolve your troubles.

Heres a free 13 minute taster for you to relax “A little relaxation just for you”. Make sure you are not operating machinery or driving listening to this. Find a nice comfortable place to relax where you wont be disturbed and enjoy.


Just sit back, switch on and switch off with this lovely relaxing CD. Designed to relax you and reduce stress, anxiety and help restore calm and tranquillity to your life. This CD addresses low self esteem, confidence and unresolved issues. If you are needing to put things into perspective then this one is for you.


Listening to this CD will help to build your confidence when talking in public.  Perhaps you are speaking at a wedding, a work presentation or an important conference. Whatever your situation the turmoil that takes place in the body is the same.This CD will calm you as Teresa takes you through guided imagery to show you how to be a confident speaker.


For those taking written exams, this CD is for you!Especially aimed at GCSE, A Level and University students who need reassurance and to improve their confidence. Using guided imagery Teresa will take you through an exam and show you how to get into the zone and build your confidence. A great investment for your future.