Setting Goals – New Year resolutions

A New Years resolution is basically the same as setting goals to achieve.  I know I have set many over past years like many other people by February/March they have gone out of the window and flown away in the March winds!!  The most popular seem to be loosing weight, giving up the fags and drinking less – which I can certainly help you with.

So why bother setting ourselves goals or NYR? Committing ourselves to doing something is a way of either feeling we are cleaning up our act or setting ourselves up to reach out for something thats been eluding us for a while.  

Here’s seven tips to keep you on track with your goals – you could prints these out and keep them near to refer to.

  1. Write it down. If you are setting some (or one) it is important to write it down as it then becomes reality and not a dream – a NYR or goal will stay a dream unless you do this! 
  1. A whoops moment. We all have them, which I am sure is reassuring to know!  If you fall overboard it’s not the end of the world, tell yourself “thats ok, I’m only human and lets start again” – you can get back on the boat if you fall off.
  1. Keeping track. Keep a diary so that you can chart any feelings that may be making you waiver – we need to deal with those if they become persistent.
  2. Keep it realistic.  You goal must be something you can accomplish, be specific about what you want – no good setting yourself up to fail (not that theres such a thing as failure in my eyes – just a learning curve of how not to do it in the future and learn by it).
  1. Measure it. Make sure it’s measurable – Where are you at certain times with it as to where you were before? how will you know when you have reached your goal?
  1. Reward yourself as you hit targets and make progress towards your goal.
  1. Be kind to yourself and make sure your inner voice is telling you positive things!

Some people don’t bother making NYR – thats ok – maybe you are happy with where you are and what you have in life – good for you.  However having said that it is important to have some goals to work towards no matter how small or large – I feel that we all need to feel a purpose in life don’t you? 

So what New Year resolution or goals did you set or didn’t you? I would love to know so please pop me an email at with NYR in the subject line and tell me what you have set your self or if you haven’t why you didn’t feel the need/want to.

If you feel you need some support or help to see your way forward why not try some coaching sessions with me?  We can set your goals and keep you accountable making sure you reach your full potential and end goal or you can find information on goal setting on page 88 of my book “Ladies Let’s Get Going” available at all book shops and on line platforms.


About Teresa Bulford-Cooper

Former Harley Street practitioner Teresa has trained extensively in London and USA with Paul McKenna and the co founder of NLP, Doctor Richard Bandler. She is a licensed NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer Trainer, a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, having trained also with the London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy where she was awarded the certificate, Diploma and Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. She was a tutor with the London College of Hypnotherapy and a Mentor for the Society of Biology and BIP. She is very proud to be a STEM Ambassador and Youth Coach, helping teachers in schools and Colleges to get the younger generation to become confident capable leaders of the future. She has studied for 2 Coaching Diploma’s with The prestigous Coaching Academy London.

Teresa’s background is in Science and Biology. A graduate of Oxford Brookes University where she read and achieved a BSc (Hons) she went on to gain a MSc in Science with the Open University. She then studied at Exeter University for a PGCE as a Further Education Teacher and Lecturer.
Teresa has set up and run many successful business over 3 decades, her passion in life is to help people and pass on her knowledge for which she has a very high success rate – she would love to take the opportunity to work with you with any issues you may be struggling with in business.