NLP – an introduction

Never heard of NLP or don’t know how to apply it?

This 2 hour workshop will show you how to use Neuro Linguistic Programming to transform your business and personal life.

*Do what successful people do

*Put a stop that negative inner voice 

Build rapport fast

This workshop is for anyone who has an interest in learning how to make positive changes.

Enhance your work and private life & become more charismatic

This workshop is led by Teresa Bulford-Cooper a former Harley Street Trainer who has learnt from the Master himself Dr Richard Bandler the co inventor of NLP in London and USA and is one of his Trainer Trainers. 

Teresa was short listed NLP International Coach 2017 and nominated for The International Coach of the year 2017 by the Coaching Academy London.


Download the brochure here: What is NLP