Do you say what you mean?

Here’s a true story with an Important moral behind it.

A little girl at primary school wrote what she thought was a lovely little story with a pretty picture of a house with a garden and the sun shinning. She took great care colouring it all I beautifully. She sat back and looked at her work feeling extremely proud then took it to show the teacher, expecting a gold star. The teacher looked at the little girls work and said, “it’s wrong” the little girl went back to her desk and rubbed out what she thought the teacher might be saying was wrong. She then wrote a different word over the rubbing out and took it back to the teacher. The teacher once again said “it’s wrong”. The little girl once again went back to her desk and rubbed out what she thought was
wrong, by this time there was a big black rubbing out mark but she wrote again over the top. She returned to the teacher feeling frustrated now as she could not understand what she was doing wrong and her beautiful master piece was looking spoilt from the rubbing out marks. The teacher again told her it was wrong, she returned to her desk for another rubbing out but this time the paper had rubbed thin and as she rubbed it it made a big hole in the page. By now she was disheartened and began to cry as she couldn’t understand what was wrong with her beautiful master piece.

The moral of the story. Communicate exactly what you mean in the language they understand, it saves misery, misunderstanding and possibly a life time of feeling a failure not knowing why!

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