It’s not all about work!

Are you hearing the words from family and friends “its not all about work you know?” I see so many people on my training courses in Exeter Devon that are bogged down with work and stress that they have forgotten about the outside world and how to enjoy life.

Its really important to take time out for you, your family and loved ones, let them know its not all about work -they are important too! Make time for them and let them see they are important, take time to listen to what they have to say and get involved in their world.

Research has shown that time away from work such as a weekend or day off is invaluable to let your brain rest and do other things.  You will return to work refreshed and achieve much more than pounding away trying to “catch up” or get ahead.

Try something different which will take you out of your comfort zone away from work and bring a little excitement back into your life.

Heres an example

Last week I went on a vegan cookery week end in Bath, I came away with a great feeling of achievement, learnt something new and spent quality time with my hubby and returned to work Monday refreshed and raring to go!

If you are suffering with stress and life/work balance check out our popular one day course in Exeter here.

I have helped so many people over the years with their business and personal lives on my training courses and with coaching sessions – don’t be that sad person slogging away and getting nothing but stress and long term health problems – do something about it NOW!

So remember its not all about work, you need to have a good life balance. Do something today and contact me here today and lets do something to help you.