4 Secret Steps to finding true happiness

4 Secret Steps to finding true happiness

Isn’t it strange how we all crave to be happiness and are all happier when we have a label attached to us, be that Mum, Dad, CEO, Bank manager, shop assistant etc?

Some people wander through life not feeling happy, knowing where to belong, never finding true happiness and fulfilment – that’s what it’s all about – knowing where to belong and what will make you happy and fulfilled in life. Following your own values in life is so important. Many people that I have coached over the decades have never reached their full potential and have bumped along in life unsure of the direction they are going in, they just can’t seem to see or feel where they fit or achieve the goals they do set and start procrastinating or failing.

This is often because they have not stopped to discover their own values in life, what’s really important to them. Maybe their parents or colleagues advised them to do this or that in life to “get on” and have a secure job. Unfortunately for them by doing this they have been following their advisors values not their own, so they get lost along the road, never achieving anything or being extremely unhappy in what they are doing.

So heres 4 Steps to help find happiness

Step 1.Think about what’s important to you, what do you really care about and hold dear, what do you see as the most exciting thing in your world that you would like to achieve, what’s your passion in life?

Step 2. Write your ideas down as writing it down will make it more real to your mindset. List all the things that are important to you and you hold dear e.g. Family, walking the dog, traveling, self development …dare to dream and listen to your inner voice – get it down on paper.

Step 3. When you have written your key values down you will see the pattern to what you truly want from life and see a goal you can set. The next thing is to figure out how to get it – bare in mind it does have to be an achievable goal!

Step 4. Start by making a list of little steps/things you can start doing to get one step nearer to your goal every day. Little steps lead to a life times journey.

Follow these 4 steps and you will be on the road to inner happiness and success. If you need a little help why not arrange a Skype or phone session with me. Drop me an email to arrange a suitable time for a complimentary 15 minute coaching session I am offering through the month of September at teresa@tbctraining.co.uk with Coaching offer in the subject line.