Dealing with the unexpected

Walking along a beach in Barra Scotland recently I came upon an unexpected scene! These cows were quite happily standing on the beach minding their own business, having clearly escaped from an a joining field where the fence was down. It made me think about how we deal with things when we come across unexpected situations, which can take us by surprise! Do you find the unexpected throws you into a panic or are do you deal with situations calmly?

Meanwhile…The big black heavily muscled bull was approaching over the fence onto the beach and I can tell you I had to reason with my mind….”he’s only interested on his lady friends on the beach and his territory” I am thinking. Having had run-in’s with cows in the past it was a very uncomfortable situation for me I can tell you! There was only one way forward so I had to think positive and keep going. Listen to that inner positive thought and keep going! I looked back to see the bull tottering very tentatively over the stones down to the beach and realised he was no threat to me!

We may think we are control most of the time until something unexpected happens – then its down to how we perceive the situation and how we deal with it that counts!