Building Confidence & Assertiveness at work

To have a successful business and be successful you need to be Jack of lots of trades, building confidence and being assertive is key, other wise your business is going to have a loose cog in the chain.  Not being able to feel confident is debilitating and embarrassing and certainly not great for business.  In order for you to succeed you need to take steps, be brave and sort your confidence and lack of assertiveness issues out, stop being a doormat otherwise you can imagine whats going to happen long term to your business.

This course is designed to help business people that are great at their job but need to build their confidence, be assertive when communicating with employees and customers.

Teresa will show you how with techniques used in her Harley Street Practice and used by Paul McKenna and NLP guru Richard Bandler how to build your self-confidence, assertiveness and build your self-belief/esteem – putting you firmly in control.

In a friendly, supportive and safe environments you will learn:

  • Techniques that will make a real difference to the way you feel and how others see you
  • Empowerment in business
  • Confidence, feeling, seeing and hearing yourself as that confident person you are
  • Decisiveness, ability to hear what people are saying and seeing how to act on it effectively
  • Communication skills, learning to listen to the way people communicate and see where they are coming from
  • Self-belief and techniques for success, your body language and persona
  • Feeling of being in control of your personal growth and career to become even more successful

All course materials provided

A certificate of attendance for your CPD.

Testimonial from one of our many delighted clients

“Dearest, loveliest Teresa.   I just wanted to e-mail to say thank you.   Thank you because I am just feeling sooooooooooooooooo much better.   I had an audition yesterday for a play in Bath which went so well.  I felt totally at ease with myself and my monologue which I performed in front of 12 ladies and one gent, went so well.  I was delighted!!! I don’t know if I have got the job or not but I just felt so happy in that room.  It was super!” Lizzie. Actress in London

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UK Enterprise Award Winner of The Best Training Courses in the South 2018


Course Date

September 19th 2018