7 ways to increase your confidence

It never stops to amaze me when I am talking to company directors, CEO’s, HR folks through to the person on the shop floor how lacking in confidence they can be. The higher up in a business a person is the more they try to hide it and suffer in silence, true what they say – it can be lonely at the top!

There are so many people suffering in silence from lack of confidence, you would be surprised, in fact what seems to you to be the most confidence person can really be quaking in their boots at times!

Isn’t it Funny how sometimes you can feel relaxed and comfortable in some situations yet in others a nervous wreck! It can almost be down to the mood you feel in at given time. Be good to know how to pull it out of the bag when you most need it wouldn’t it so here are 7 tips which I hope will help you along your way.

1.Check your inner voice, is it telling you positive things or pulling you back with negative jibber jabber? If its the negative voice you need to dispel those thoughts and turn them into positive affirmations. E.g. “I cant do it” into “I can do it”. The more you tell yourself you can do something it will condition your mind to believe it.

2. Adopt a good posture. Stand up straight, shoulders back head up, chin out slightly. Look forward not down, positive confident people always look ahead or up. Relax and remember to breathe!

3. Use your imagination to visualize yourself being a positive person. See yourself as a confident positive person doing things you want to be doing. This helps to program your brain into thinking that you have done it before.Your brain does not know the difference of visualizing and actually having done something,so when you actually come to do whatever it is you have been visualizing your brain will think you have done it before.

4. Learn to say “No”. I bet you are always being asked to do do favour’s for others if you lack confidence. People lacking confidence have a tendency to please others to gain self gratification. We all love to be liked, however it is important to realise the difference of being genuinely liked and being taken for granted otherwise you will be a doormat and forever running around after other people getting nothing in return but worn out!

5. Read up on self confidence. Paul McKenna wrote an excellent book called Instant confident which also has a CD inside to listen to that I highly recommend or of course Build your confidence CD! The more you educate yourself about something the less fear it will hold over you.

6. Take a course (ideally with me!) in learning how to become that confident person trying to come through. Most achievable things in life are all about having the confidence to do it. You can learn some really useful techniques to help you overcome your fears and find whats holding you back.

7. Get out of your comfort zone. Be brave and take the plunge. Once you have achieved something you thought you could never do, no matter how big or small it will start to increase your confidence.

Well I hope you find these 7 tips helpful and begin to let that confident person shine though. For professional help TBC Training run one day courses on confidence building in Crediton near Exeter, Devon or bespoke for your company which can be held in house. Please contact us for further information or to book onto our next fabulous course please follow this link.Confidence Building at Work