How would you feel if people looked at you and you heard them whisper ” Wow she’s confident and so easy to talk to.” Wouldn’t that give you a boost and make you feel proud?

Confidence and excellent communication skills are the key to all!

With these essential skills and others in place you can find doors opening and people flocking to do business with you – just imagine that!

If you’re really serious about starting up your new business or taking your existing business and personal life to the next level you need to learn these essential skills – they are vital for your success.

You and your business are very precious to me so I will sit by your side, listen to your needs and give you my personal attention, helping you see real dynamic positive changes for you and your business.




Are you in a situation where you’re not sure what to do about starting or growing your business so end up procrastinating costing yourself precious time and money going round in circles?

Or maybe you’re lacking the confidence to take the steps needed to advance your private or business life or feeling just plan burnt out and needing some wellness guidance?

I know exactly where you are coming from having been there many times myself over the years. Having to balance all those plate in the air!

Ask yourself – how would it feel to be in control, know exactly where to go and what to be concentrating on to develop your dream.  I can boost you there faster than you can manage on your own, seeing real success and a fruitful future.

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Look forward to hearing from you.




Feeling like life is running at a million miles an hour and you’re  on a downward spiral and you can’t seem to stop it escalating?

I feel your frustration, anxiety and stress levels rising! Theres to many things on the go and not enough time in the day – if only there were two of you!
Well you’re not alone, many of my clients have suffered with the same problem and fallen at my door (sometimes literally) when it’s all become too much and they reach burnout!
Ensuring you have a good  life/work balance is essential, otherwise it can become a serious problem escalating to mental illness.
Healthy wellness, wellbeing or some would call  mental wellbeing are paramount not just in our personal life but also in our business life –  one will effect the other.
As a former Harley Street Practitioner I have helped many folks both in their personal and business lives to get back in control, get back calmly in the fight and look after their wellness with a healthy life/work balance.
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What Teresa's clients say

TBC Training
Teresa is great at engaging and bringing people together.
Teresa is great at engaging and bringing people together in an environment to learn. She is challenging and caring, encouraging people to be the best they can be. Her openness, honesty and interest in others makes for a great supportive space for development.

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